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The company A1 decided to celebrate in some way the transition from old to new with the launch of a smartphone called A1 Alpha . The device is positioned as mass, suitable for "beginners". We will talk about its advantages and disadvantages in the following lines. Given its low price, it is logical that the developers of this model have not relied on the latest hit technologies in the world of smartphones. On the other hand, there is a balancing of other characteristics - those that are useful for people looking for a device that covers basic needs.

Before reading the full review, you can familiarize yourself with the detailed A1 Alpha specs or watch the video below the article.


A1 Alpha is based on the ZTE model . Judging by its technical characteristics and design, this is clearly noticeable. Dressed entirely in plastic, the A1 Alpha is available in black and dark green versions. The latter option looks quite interesting and stands out against other competitors in this class on the market. If you bet on it, you will have a distinctive smartphone.

Among the notable elements in the vision of the A1 Alpha is the orange power button. It is on the right. It is embossed for convenience. This makes it more convenient to touch. There are no problems with ergonomics with the A1 Alpha . Although the device is completely plastic, it feels like a monolith. It's nice to work with it. No scripts are heard when you hold it firmly in your hand.

The A1 Alpha is quite slim for this class of phones. The shape of its body has nicely rounded edges. Its dimensions are 157.1 × 75.8 × 8.1 mm . It weighs only 150 grams. 

A simple silicone case comes with the A1 Alpha . The user receives more wired headphones.

Among the advantages of this model is the fingerprint scanner located on the back panel. The sensor works fast enough - it reads the fingerprint in less than a second. Such praise cannot be given to the facial recognition system. This feature works great in good ambient light. It is almost useless when you are in a place where it is darker.

In everything else, the A1 Alpha does not stand out from a design point of view. The good news is that it allows you to work with 2 SIM cards. The user can replace one card with a memory card.


The screen diagonal of the A1 Alpha is 6.26 inches. The matrix is IPS and the resolution is 1520 x 720 pixels. Density - 269 pixels per inch. In other words, you get a satisfactorily large screen, which is average for this class of smartphones. Only if you bring the screen too close to your eyes will you notice the individual pixels. With normal use at arm's length, the picture is beautiful. There are no problems with color rendering. Of course, quality at the OLED matrix level is out of the question. However, most users will be happy with the A1 Alpha . Screen images are natural. No color inversion.

The maximum brightness is enough to use the smartphone even outdoors, in sunny weather. At an angle, the picture darkens slightly. This effect is typical of most IPS screens.

Among the disadvantages is the lack of oleophobic coating. As a result, your fingers slide less pleasantly across the screen. They also leave traces. We recommend that you apply a protective layer to the A1 Alpha screen .


The smartphone runs on a Unisoc SC9863A processor - up to 1.6 GHz , 28-nm process technology. The RAM is 3 GB , and the PowerVR GE8322 / IMG8322 chip is responsible for the graphics . The internal memory is 64 GB . The operating system is Android 9 . In appearance, it resembles the pure Android One . Among the advantages is the absence of too many pre-installed programs.

The performance of such a platform is not among the highest. It can even be said to be weak. In everyday life, this lack of power will be noticeable as follows: the interface will respond more slowly, and comfortable playing "heavy" games is out of the question. A1 Alpha is not a good modern solution for people who want to enjoy games and applications with demanding features.

Basic programs - including social networks, music listening applications and similar will work without much trouble.


The main camera of the A1 Alpha is dual, which is good news for a budget smartphone. The resolution of the first photo module is 13 MP (f / 2.0) . The second is tasked with determining the depth of objects in the frame. It is 2-megapixel (f / 2.4). The manufacturer has provided an automatic HDR function .

In other words, with enough daylight, A1 Alpha photos will be of good quality. The difference with the more expensive models will be large, but most consumers who choose this model will be satisfied.

In the evening, the situation with the photos becomes more complicated. Due to the lack of optical stabilization, the chance of taking a blurry photo is very high. This is especially true if you are trying to capture moving subjects. Try capturing still subjects with constant backlighting. Then you will get the shots pretty well.

The A1 Alpha also has an 8-megapixel front camera (f / 2.0) . It has beauty filters.

Autonomous work

A1 Alpha has a battery capacity of 3100 mAh. From 100% charge, the smartphone will serve you for about a day. This result is worthy. Allows the user to rely on enough time for active use of mobile Internet or Wi-Fi , e-mail synchronization, screen brightness most of the time not lower than 60-70%.

This smartphone model does not provide fast charging technology. Given its price, this is logical.


A1 Alpha is a great solution for people who are not demanding of their smartphones, do not expect them to offer the latest features in the world of mobile technology. This model is perfect for children, because whatever you confuse with it, your investment was not large.


  • Satisfactory fast fingerprint scanner
  • Ability to work with a second SIM card or use a memory card
  • Decent time of autonomy - about a day
  • Maintenance of NFC
  • Not bad dual main camera


  • Among the most serious disadvantages is the low productivit
  • The case is completely plastic
  • Has a microUSB port
  • No support for Wi-Fi networks with a frequency of 5 GHz
  • You may want more than the sound quality
  • Facial recognition technology is running slower than desired

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