Huawei P50 Pocket review

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Huawei P50 Pocket review

In December 2021, Huawei introduced one of its most exciting devices in recent times - the new folding phone Huawei p50 Pocket. As its name implies, it can be so compact that you can easily keep it in your pocket. In addition to an attractive look, the Huawei p50 Pocket goes hand in hand with interesting features.

Huawei P50 Pocket Specifications

  • Release date: 2021, December 23
  • Colors: Gold
  • Dimensions: xx mm.
  • Weight: 0 g.
  • Screen: 6.85" in, 1080 x 2640, Foldable OLED
  • Camera : Triple, 50MP
  • Chipset: Kirin 9000 (5 nm)
  • CPU: Octa-core (1x3.13 GHz Cortex-A77 & 3x2.54 GHz Cortex-A77 & 4x2.05 GHz Cortex-A55)
  • Memory: 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM
  • Battery: 4100, Li-Po, non-removable
  • Network: GSM / CDMA / HSPA / CDMA2000 / LTE
  • Operating system: HarmonyOS 2.0
  • Sensors: Fingerprint (side-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

If you are curious to find out all the details before reading the full review, visit the page for Huawei P50 Pocket Specs, where you will find even the smallest detail about the phone.


It seems that in the Huawei p50 Pocket, the Chinese technology giant has focused on premium design and build quality. The smartphone is available in two colors - white and gold. In the first case, the device resembles a diamond, and in the second it looks like a haute couture product. It is intended for the foreign market.

The back panel of the Huawei p50 Pocket has an impressive finish. At the top is a large module, and next to it a round well-protected screen on which the user can see useful information. It can be generated by various applications that the smartphone supports.

The embossed back and compact dimensions ensure that the Huawei p50 Pocket stands firmly in the palm of your hand. It weighs only 190 grams. Its 3D microsculptural design creates the feel of a new generation device. And it is!

If you doubt that its construction will not last, because it is too fragile, put these thoughts aside. The company has invested in Huawei p50 Pocket innovative materials. Folding and unfolding takes place without the slightest sign of breakage. So in a second from pocket format you can turn the device into a worthy one with a smartphone with an excitingly beautiful screen.


This model is equipped with a 6.9-inch OLED display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a pixel density of 442 ppi, support for 1.07 billion colors and a wide color gamut P3. The manufacturer has also provided support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz. So you can not help but feel the smoothness and smoothness of the picture. She is impressive.

With the help of Nano Optical Layer you can remove glare on the screen. PWM dimming control is also available - so working with the Huawei p50 Pocket is more than comfortable even in the darkest conditions.

The additional screen is OLED with a refresh rate of up to 60 Hz and a sampling rate of 120 Hz. It has a resolution of 340 x 340 pixels.


Huawei p50 Pocket is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 4G chipset, Adreno 660 graphics accelerator and supports only 4G networks. Available in one modification - with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The company did not provide a memory card slot.

The smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, which is mounted on the side, and supports facial recognition with both front and rear cameras.


It's easy to forget about everything else when looking at the Huawei p50 Pocket. Its design is impressive and provokes you to start experimenting with its construction. However, the cameras also have a special place in it. Huawei has tried to change our perceptions of them.

Huawei p50 Pocket offers unique shooting capabilities. It has a triple rear camera, of which the main module is a 40-megapixel True Chroma. In addition, we have a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 32-megapixel Ultra Spectrum camera in combination with a multispectral sensor and Ultra Spectrum lighting. The embedded technologies allow to create much better images by fixing even the smallest details. So even pictures in the dark are much clearer.

In the Huawei p50 Pocket you will find a key feature. This is the new mode for fluorescent photography - Ultra Spectrum Fluorescence Photography. It allows you to capture content and details that are not visible to the naked eye. In other words, it opens before you a new world of colors and objects. This mode can be used to check if you have applied sunscreen all over your face.

When choosing a Huawei p50 Pocket, get ready for long hours of fun shooting. In the menu of the rear camera you will find a variety of modes - Story Creator, Audio Zoom, High-res, Time-Lapse, Ultra Wide Angle Lens, Ultra Snapshot, 4D Predictive Focus, Aperture, Dual-View Video, Night, Macro, Portrait, Pro, Slow-Mo, Stickers, Documents, Master AI, Moving Picture, Capture Smiles, Audio Control, Timer, Burst Shooting and more.

The Huawei p50 Pocket's front camera, in turn, is a single, 10.7-megapixel camera. With it you can shoot in fewer modes, but just as attractive.

Autonomous work

Under the body of the Huawei p50 Pocket is a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, which supports a fast charging function SuperCharge with a power of 40W.

Interesting features and characteristics
Huawei p50 Pocket has additional protection. To do this, you must activate Super Privacy mode. It turns off your microphone, camera or GPS when the device is folded.

With this model of Huawei you can access the information in it with just one look or touch. It does not matter that the device is closed.

In AppGallery you can count on a variety of applications and modern software design. To date, users of the store already exceed 500 million.


Huawei entered the competition for flexible smartphones almost simultaneously with Samsung. For a long time, however, the company offered its devices only on the domestic market. Now we see the Huawei p50 Pocket and wonder why. The device has an attractive vision, stronger and more exciting to use.


Among the main competitors of this model of Huawei is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

Huawei P50 Pocket video review

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